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API Documentation

Detailed representation of the API endpoints for NX Streaming includes comprehensive information regarding the available methods, request formats, required parameters and optional parameters.

Simple way to use

Simply insert the URL into the iframe tag. No additional files are required. This method functions on all servers, including Blogger.
Request Movie by IMDB id: https://embed.nxstreaming.site/movie/imdb/tt0800369/
Request Episode by TMDB id: https://embed.nxstreaming.site/tv/tmdb/1396/S1/E1/
Insert these URLs into the iframe, and the player will be displayed there. Just change the IMDb or TMDb ID as needed.
For IMDB id you can use tt0000000 or just number 0000000, and for TMDB you can use themoviedb.org ID should be look like this 114472.
For Episode parameters you can use S1/E1.
Valid parameters:

- {imdb} required - from imdb.com, imdb id must have tt prefix.



Valid parameters:

- {tmdb} required - from themoviedb.com, id must be correct

- {Season} required - the Season number

- {Episode} required - the Episode number



Provide an Enhanced User Experience

Many important features have been improved to make sure users have the best experience.

Auto Update
Links are updated automatically with newer or higher quality versions as soon as they become available on the internet.
The player is designed to be responsive and functions smoothly on all devices, including desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.
High Quality
Most of the links are of the latest quality, with many being in 1080p resolution.
Fast Streaming Servers
The player features a selection of high-speed streaming servers that users can effortlessly choose from.

Frequently asked questions

Contact us if you have any more questions.
Are your links protected from DMCA?
We ensure the security and protection of our links, we ensuring that they are not subject to removal due to DMCA notices.
Are subtitles available for all movies and TV shows?
We gather subtitles from multiple websites to ensure a diverse range is accessible for nearly every title.
How do I utilize your API?
Utilizing our API necessitates fundamental programming understanding. Yet, if you need help, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.
What should I do if I come across incorrect movies or TV shows?
Should you identify any inaccuracies in a movie or TV show, kindly make use of the report button on the player. Our team will promptly attend to and resolve the matter.
Is it possible to change the video quality?
Yes! The player has a range of quality options.
Do you offer movies and TV shows in languages other than English?
Although our server primarily serves English-speaking audiences, we also house an extensive array of international movies in their original languages. Furthermore, the majority of our videos come with included subtitles.